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We believe that MUUVMENT IS LIFE & do our part by giving a bike to @Risk teens & young adults with each sale as lifes inevitable ups & downs are a challenge and we want to assist the globe to



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MuuvBikes has the eBike or Unique Bike for you whether you want to:

  • Commute to and from school or work
  • Blaze your trail on the multi-use paved and off road trails nearby
  • Bring fun and environmentally friendly eTransportation with you on your road trip in your car, truck, RV, or travel trailer
  • Explore far more of the amazing Art & Music at iconic events and festivals across the globe like the 27 sq mile Playa in the Nevada Black Rock Desert  or many others across the globe
  • And lots more as we believe “eBikes & Unique Bikes make Everything Possible!”


MuuvBikes aims to make your Direct2U shipping or pickup request as smooth as possible thus we offer multiple delivery options from:

  • Curbside Pickup at our expanding company operated &/or at one of our approved partner assembly locations across the continents
  • Direct2U shipment across the continents 
  • For festivals, pickup locations &/or delivery options will be posted for each event under our Festival Offering page

For the iconic Art/Music Festival in the Nevada Black Rock Desert, we will offer four pickup locations:  (i) Reno Truck & RV Rental @2575 ietzke Lane; (ii) Nixon @the Nixon Store; (iii) Empire @the Empire General Store Expo; (iv) Gerlach @the Barysl Bazzarr State Route 447, Marker 69
Gerlach, NV 89412


  • We are continually searching across the globe for Unique accessories that allow you to hop atop your MuuvBike and… 


  • In addition, as our community which we refer to as the MuuvTribe grows over the years, we will provide links to an array of Unique products brought to you by MuuvTribe partners that will… 

Keep you MUUVing Forward!

  • Enjoy exploring and happy shopping!  Please don’t hesitate to click on the various text, call, and eMail contact links to connect with a Bike Whisperer if we can be of assistance to you and your friends & family!


Wow, once again i’m speechless by your service. I’m grateful for MuuvBikes ad & that a real kind human, responded with honest care and attention. I was a lil concern at first. But once seeing that your ad was for real, with real contact info, i took the chance of reaching Laura by telephone. And once doing so, It was from there that i felt much better about the transaction. Talking to her put my worries at ease. My mother always told me : “treat people the way you would want them to treat you”. Even though she was in the midst of a day full of meetings, she took time to let me know, my request to purchased a bike was not overlooked, and was of important significance. And to receive the Unique fat tire bike by Christmas, awesome as there is a 57 yr old youngster at heart, bike warrior, who is gleefully waiting on a gift of joy to help him MUUVE across the universal playa once again. Because : MUUVEment is LIFE. INDEED. THX YOU.

William Young.

MuuvBikes dedication to customer service is top notch, they truly go above and beyond to help with their customers needs. If there were any questions, they were quick to answer, detailed and took care of everything with ease and grace. I highly recommend working with MuuvBikes.

Jules ElvingSouthern CA...North America

MuuvBikes are the best! Their bikes are top notch, and the customer service is the best I’ve experienced. They are always there to answer questions and solve any problems quickly and efficiently.

Daryl HendersonSouthern CA..North America

“Laura and the MuuvBikes team have taken excellent care of me and my closest Burner fam for several years now, always making sure we’re happy and set up for our adventures together. They have made my eBike rentals for the Burn so convenient and Laura is friendly, communicative, and responsive to her customers. Having access to eBikes of such great quality from Muuv has opened up many enjoyable experiences for my friends and me that we wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise on the playa. Priceless!”

Sam FormanNorth America 1/21

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