The  MUUVeBIKES INC. RENTAL AGREEMENT AND LIABILITY WAIVER can be found below the form or by clicking here.



This Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver (“Agreement”) is entered into between MUUVeBIKES Inc. (“Company”) and the MuuvBikes (“Renter”) as completed in customer section below.
Rental Period: The Renter agrees to return the e-bike to the Company in the normal wear and tear for Burning Man by September 9, 2023.
Deposit Payment: The Renter agrees to pay the Company a $750 Deposit for each eBike in addition to Rental fees previously paid, plus any applicable taxes and fees.
Use of E-Bike: The Renter agrees to use the e-bike safely and responsibly, and to comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to e-bikes on the Burning Man Playa.
ASSUMPTION OF RISKS: The Renter understands and acknowledges that e-bike activities have inherent risks, dangers, and hazards. The Renter assumes all risks associated with the use of the e-bike.
RELEASE OF LIABILITY: The Renter hereby releases, indemnifies, and holds harmless the Company, its officers, agents, and/or employees, from any and all liabilities, damages, and claims, arising from the Renter’s use or possession of the e-bike.
DAMAGE TO E-BIKE: The Renter agrees to pay for any and all damages to the e-bike that occur during the Renter’s use and possession of the e-bike, excluding normal wear and tear for use during Burning Man.
TERMS AND TERMINATION: The Company has the right to terminate this Agreement and repossess the e-bike at any time if Renter fails to comply with any term or condition in this Agreement.
ACKNOWLEDGMENT: The Renter acknowledges that they have been given an opportunity to read this Agreement in full, that they understand its content and terms, and that they are 18 years of age or older and legally competent to enter into this Agreement.