After our successful pilot in 2016 & 2017, we are thrilled to incorporate all the lessons learned and once again have assembled a wonderful line of eBikes that make cruising the playa with ease.  For 2018, we are partnering with EMOJO & BikeBerry and will make available eight ebike Models including:

EMOJO: Wildcat, Lynx, Crosstown, Hurricane, and E1.

BikeBerry: Falcon 6.0 and Slugo B

On MuuvBikes eBIkes, you and your friends will curise the playa with ease like never before equipped to capture all of the amazing art and entertainment day and night.  For the first time you very well might be able to say, “I saw it all! … just as close to 300 of our customers have done the past two years.”

Key points to know:

1) The Diameter of the playa is close to 3 miles at it’s longest point and 7 miles in circumference around the full exterior.  Our eBikes range in distance per charge from 25-35 miles with a load of roughly 200 lbs meaning you can cross the playa easily many times before running out of battery. Typically, a charge will keep you MUUVing all day and night and then merely charge the ebike when you rest up before you and your friends set off for the next big outing.

2) Some MuuvBikes eBikes batteries come equipped with USB allowing you to charge your phone or other devices so that you will have full access to your camera to capture those precious Playa memories.

3) All MuuvBikes eBikes come with built-in headlights, tail-lights, and some with a horn to warn those playa day dreamers aimlessly walking in front of you as you are cruising the Playa.

4) Every MuuvBikes eBike and even our manual Thin & Fat Tire Cruisers come equipped with the MuuvPackage which includes: two 7 foot LED tube lights to decorate your wheels and better be scene at night, as well as a front basket or rear trunk bag for gear, a headlight for night riding, and a lock for securing your bike from theft.

5) We will provide you a unique key for your ignition and cable lock, and we will retain the extra set at the MuuvCamp just in case you misplace your keys and need our assistance to get you cruising once again.

6) Keep your chargers in a safe location and know that we will have a few extra chargers at the MuuvCamp just in case you misplace yours and need us to come to your aid to provide you an extra one.  Also, avoid charging your eBikes in the rain as it’s just not a safe thing to do so wait until the clouds pass and the sun is once again shining to finish charging your MuuvBikes eBike.

7) The MuuvCamp will be in the OSS or Outside Services Provider’s area once again close to the corner of K &7 and this year, we will have a MuuvLounge set up for your comfort should there be a line of others coming to pick up their eBikes or if you want to come by and visit or gain our assistance on any of the mechanics of how to operate the various functions of your eBike.  The MuuvCamp will be available before official Entry begins on Tuesday 8/21 for our customers that arrive during Build week as well as after Exodus through Wednesday 9/5.

8)  eBike & Cruiser Pickup: We will be open and available for eBike & Cruiser pickup during day light from roughly 8am to 8pm on Sunday 8/26 & Monday 8/27.  During Build week, just coordinate with us your eBike or Cruiser pickup from Tuesday 8/21 through Saturday 8/25.   Of course, if you arrive after that, we will be open mid-week as well as outlined below for pickup or any service needs.

9) Mid-Week Mechanical Support:  Beginning Tuesday 8/28 through Saturday 9/1, we will host an eBike service/support center from 11am – 5 pm for all your mechanical needs, so stop by any time for assistance.  We will have extra eBikes & Cruisers on hand so that we can set you up with a loaner bike for the day if need be should your service require extra time to attend to or together we can fix any issue you are having and get your cruising once again quicly.

10) Exodus eBike Return: We will be available once again during Exodus for eBike & Cruiser return from 8am to 8pm beginning Sunday 9/2 through when we depart the Playa end of day Wednesday 9/5.

11) Post Exodus Domestic Shipments: Post Burning Man Shipments of Purchased New & Used eBikes:  We are offering this year the opportunity to Ship your eBike back to you post a cleaning & tune-up for $150.  You can order this through on our Accessories tab.


You can pre book the eBike you have rented again for Burning Man 2019 under our special Early Bird Rental option for the low price of $500 which is a 25-40% discount or for an additional $750, you can purchase the eBike you have rented and we will ensure that the eBike has a complete cleaning, tune-up, store it for the year, and re-deliver to the Playa in 2019.  See the product page for purchase of these options.


Since playa dust has a lot of alkaline (opposite of acidic but just as corrosive), it is important to properly clean your ebike immediately after the festival. The best way to clean it is using vinegar water. Mix water and white vinegar (50/50) in a spray bottle (buy at walmart for $2) and just go all over the bike with a soak cloth, cleaning one part at a time. The motor, controller and batteries are sealed so no worries about these parts. Remember if you are leaving your bike in storage its best to leave the battery 50% charged and make sure to charge it for 1-2h every 2-3 month to keep battery life at its best.


If you purchased your eBike or Cruiser, we can offer post festival cleaning and storage of your eBike(s) & Cruisers and arrange for you or a friend to pickup in 2019 should that be of interest. Should this be of interest, go to our Accessories tab and order the Clean/Store/Redeliver service option for $250 which includes a basic tune-up to ensure you cruise the playa with ease in 2019.