The Speed Project

The Speed Project was founded by LA based runners Nils Arend and Blue Benadum who sought to cultivate a raw, anti-marathon running event that pushed the runners as well as people’s perception of what a run event is all about.

The Challenge

Two formidable, empowered females on a quest to complete The Speed Project LALV, the highly anticipated and inaugural SOLO Mission ultramarathon. It is a staggering 340 mile, on foot, unsanctioned run from Santa Monica Pier across the Mojave Dessert to the Las Vegas Welcome sign.

Driven by a relentless pursuit to multiply human performance, ultra runner and founder of 24x7Movement, Farrah Carbonell and endurance athlete and founder of a startup adventures brand MUUV, Laura Frank Barnard will embark on this adventure together. The Speed Project on its 7th year will include over 250 athletes globally and sponsored by major sports brands including Nike, adidas, On Running, Tracksmith and Whoop to name a few.


Farrah is based in New York City and LA and is new to ultras. Having had no prior athletic background, she recently discovered her passion for running and has ran impressive 33 marathons within the past two years alone. She successfully finished the Calendar Challenge with Des Linden in October 2020 and is determined to prove that people can achieve anything if they are bold and open enough to explore and test their limits