We have sourced an array of fabulous eBikes, cruisers, and accessories to select from that are sure to enhance your Burning Man experience.

For 2019, we are offering both Reno and Gerlach pickup options for your convenience and in 2020, we will once again offer our convenient Playa pickup and support option. Our Gerlach pickup will be available beginning August 19th and extend through the full event to allow for return of bikes post event. As always, there will be numerous bike maintenance support options on the Playa which we will post as their locations are known.

In addition, we offer the option to box and ship within the US purchased eBikes post event for $250, or a Clean/Store/Tune/Redeliver option for $250.

We now offer a $100 refund if you return any purchased eBike to us post Burning Man in good condition.

Happy Shopping and if you have any questions, feel free to call or text at 404-983-0479 or send an email to shop@muuvbikes.com